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  • Laser/ Therapeutic Ultrasound/ Phototherapy 

  • Hydrotherapy 

  • Physiotherapy home visits

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  • Fear free and positive methods used


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Manual therapies are applied by hand and include massage, myofascial release, trigger point, stretching, soft tissue mobilisation and limb and joint range of motion.

Massage techniques are applied to your animal to reduce high muscle tone, and improve circulation.  They also reduce muscle spasm and are proven to speed up recovery following surgery or injury. Massage realigns tissue fibres allowing fresh collagen and blood to pump to the muscle - blood carries oxygen and nutrients which in turn will promote healthy muscle. Massage also relaxes muscles, which promotes healing and breaks down scar tissue by removing waste products from the damaged area through the lymphatic system, thus helping the healing process.

Myofascial release relieves the connective tissue in and around muscle. The connective tissues can become restricted following, injury, tension, uneven weight loading, postural changes, reduced blood flow, pain and discomfort. This technique is applied to relieve muscle tension, break down scar tissue and restore balance and function.

Trigger point therapy aims to reduce spasm and toxin build up in knots found in muscle. Trigger points can occur due to chronic muscle overload, disease, injury or trauma.  Toxin build up in the muscle can cause inflammation, pain and discomfort.

Stretching encourages the lengthening of muscle and their associated tendons. This encourages normal muscle length and tension. Stretching will help to improve range of motion from the joints, reduce scar adhesions, improve elasticity, and improve tight and stiff muscles. Stretching also realigns tissue fibres, allowing fresh collagen and blood to flow through muscle.

Range of motion therapies aim to improve the general mobility in joints. This can be done manually through flexing, extending and stretching the limbs and joints. This will improve joint ROM, reduce stiffness, reduce inflammation, decrease pain and increase function.



New Forest Veterinary Physiotherapy are able to provide electrotherapies such as Therapeutic Ultrasound, Phototherapy and TENS.

Phototherapy uses infrared and red light that is applied to the skin using high intensity light emitting diodes (LED). The energy transferred from the light beam to the area of treatment alters the chemical structure of cells in the tissues. Phototherapy is best absorbed by superficial soft tissues and can penetrate a maximum of 15mm. It is used for soft tissue repair, reduced inflammation, relieves pain, revives damaged cells, increases onset of granulation, reduces scar formation, speeds up the healing process, induces superficial vasodilation and releases endorphins.

  • Induce a thermal effect in tissue

  • Increases vascularity

  • Stimulation and regulation of collagen production

  • Stimulates the release of ATP

  • Increases the lymphatic system activity

  • Activation and upregulation of genes involved in cellular repair.

  • Stimulation of fibroblastic tissue

Therapeutic Ultrasound is most effective on collagenous tissues such as ligaments and tendons. It involves an application of sound waves. Ultrasound increases circulation, aligns tissue fibres, enhances collagen production and extensibility, reduces scar tissue formation and enables scar tissue to act as skin. The ultrasound waves create the effect of deep heat in the muscles and joints. This heat increases the blood flow to the area of treatment, and the blood carries nutrients, oxygen and carries away waste to the lymphatic system. This promotes healing and decreases pain and controls inflammation.

TENS- (or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) is used as a non-invasive nerve stimulation to reduce both acute and chronic pain. The unit is usually connected to the patient using two or more electrodes. TENS stimulates sensory and motor neurons to help reduce pain by blocking the pain signal to the brain.

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Exercise programs tailored to your animals needs to build, enhance, and strengthen muscle, core stability, coordination, posture and proprioception by using various equipment. These exercises will be demonstrated to you by Carlie to ensure you feel confident to apply this at home.

        Exercise and Equipment

  • Dynamic and static Stretching

  • Dynamic and static body work exercises

  • Active range of motion- limb and joints

  • Proprioceptive enhancement exercise

  • Cavaletti 

  • Pole work

  • Balance exercises using wobble boards, balance boards, balance discs and paw pods.

  • Slopes, ramps, steps and

  • Gradient work

  • Transitions

  • Rhythmic stabilisations

  • Surface training

  • Obstacles

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